another reason to procrastinate

arggggh! I JUST CAN'T WRITE MY THESIS RIGHT NOW! How much time can I waste tumbling in the surf of the net? wait, that is, i am experiencing a surfeit of surfing. now, there's some writing i could use in my paper.

anyway, is it wrong to post something i made for someone else? i made annie this valentine since she is my new boyfriend. i did cross out the marriage line and the wrote kevin? below it b.c. that seemed appropriate.

if anyone has any great ideas of tiny projects i can do on a regular basis, maybe i will start one of those. everything sounds kind of dumb right now except for watching dvd's and drinking box wine.

happy valentine's day!


book shelf of my own!

I have been meaning to show this off for quite some time now.
-two cheap shelf holder from IKEA
-two free cardboard tubes from a dumpster at an architecture firm
-two long nails
-one cork (though i need a second)
-about 2 yards of long, skinny ribbon to fasten the tubes to the shelf holders

simple, inexpensive, and i think it is purdy cute.


i heart book people

this blog is dedicated solely to book shelves. why didn't i think of this, you ask? because all i think about is thinking about thinking about writing my thesis and that leaves time only for drinking wine, and drinking wine. i guess i have writer's blog.

check it: