Tomorrow is the first day of February AND February is the month when
valentine's day happens! Yahoo! I redid our card showcase to reflect
the coming holiday with a smattering of pink, red, notes with
sentimental value AND homemade valentines from my mom. This is not the
whole collection, but as I settle into adulthood and take time to
organize the mementos from my past I find more darling valentines a la
mom! So sweet! What will this year's be? Keep your browser here around
the 14th and find out. xoxoxo



Strong guy!!!

Oh man does Finn like to wiggle. And he's getting more coordinated every day. His Auntie Alice has been in town and as we were riding Link downtown, Finn was showing off with some gymnastic style feats if strength.


Christmas surprise of the decade!!

Woah! This a homemade denyse schmidt "hope valley" quilt from Aly that
I wasn't expecting no way no how!!! We bought the kit together and I
was sufficiently jealous and had absolutely NO fantasies that I would
someday own it. But, lo and behold!!! There it is on my couch. I love
it. Thanks Aly. If I have to flee and I can only take a few things,
that quilt will be in the stash. In fact, I think the stash would be
all quilts. This one makes a fine addition to my expanding collection
and is the only one not made by my mom, grandma or great grandma.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Starting at the top: I'm not too old for block! It's like having a little wooden quilt prototype set; Reversible, two-color wool placemats and susie-style napkins for Annie and Kevin; Finn is starting to show some very advanced engineering tendencies, let's get him tested right away!!; Post-swim recovery phase at the YMCA.