Amazing toddler Robocop photoshoot. Halloween lives!

Just go here and see what I mean.


Okay. Murphy beds are awesome. They make so much sense if you live in a small space but often they are kind of rickety and the cladding is just okay. This video about an Italian furniture maker, Resource Furniture, who makes compact multi-use furniture is amazing. I'm ready to become their Seattle sales rep. Seriously.
Click here to be amazed.


Not making a thing!

Hawaii 411: paradise found.
1. Pololu Black sand beach
2. New suit from cousin Boston (and endless hours of running around
playing cars)
3. Beaches galore. I buried Finn up to his neck in the sand and he
lived it.
4. Aloha.


Working it out fall style

I guess if your pea coat is fleece instead of wool, it's the perfect cool weather work-out wear. Breathable, washable, stylish. Finn is working on some resistance training here, bulking up for his beach debut in Kona next week.