Finn's eating a bug!

Finn's grandma Hattit got him this cool toy bug--she drives a real one. And after a month in parking garage, Tyler got it out today to see if Finn might take like to have a ride in his grandma's car! It's the type that when you roll it back, it's wheels wind up and take it away.

First, he reached out to grab it.

So i pushed it a little closer for him.

Then he got his gums around it.

But oh no, it's starting to slip away

And bump, the bug escapes the jaws of death. I think it was a hit! Or was it a hit and run?!
AND, what's a blog post without a few more highlights of the last month? So, here goes:

That little ghost glows so bright, you can see it through his swaddle at night!

That is a laugh, not a shout of terror coming out of Finn's mouth.


beach flowers

tyler took this at the oregon coast. isn't it lovely? oh, and have i told you that finn can roll from his back to his tummy now, all by himself? usually he has to want to attack some plush object to one side in order to get the motivation to roll, but boy, he's doin it!


Laundry BAg with Porthole

Feeling kind of smug because I think I did a really good job on this one. Finn is probably going to abuse it and treat it as a basketball hoop for dirty diapers and stuff, but at least for now it can be a precious little ocean liner laundry bag!



I have been a busy bee and there is more to come. First, I made the dress a few posts down, then I made these cloth napkins. Now, I am almost done with a laundry bag that will hang on Finn's crib. (When he gets a crib!!) For now it will hang on the dresser next to his channging table, that, after all these projects has far less fabric in it!

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was going to try and make interlocking fabric pieces like the paper in the picture and I just went through all my quilting stuff and pulled all of the solids. This what I've got and I think it's going to be a great palette. The only this I need to go get is some stuff called TimeTex to make the pieces stiffer and more structural. I did a first run and they were ultra flimsy, so I am hoping timetex will solve that. More on that soon.

My mom made all the bridesmaids in Annie and Kevin's wedding bags and this is mine. I LOVE it!

I bought this fabric in New HAmpshire without a plan for it, then got really excited about making a shirt, then realized there's not quite enough. So...not sure what is going to happen with that. Maybe it will be an apron.

And one last shot of the guy. He is super giggly lately and has so many new tricks. He grabs his feet, makes noises like is a dinosaur going extinct (over and and over and over as if he were practicing to play said dinosaur role in a play and wanted to get it PERFECT). He rolls from his tummy to his back. He reaches out and grabs things, swings them around, then releases them across the room. He likes to scratch stuff with his finger tips and this is particularly fun for him while he is nursing--argh! He seems like he'll be sitting up pretty soon and we are going to give him a plastic cup to play with so he gets used to putting it to his mouth--exciting. I can't wait to have him at the dinner table with us. That will be really cool.

Finn's first vacation(s)

We just got back from two weeks out of town which included many car rides, a canoe ride, a ride in a motor boat, 6 flights, a great grandma, a great grandpa, both sets of grandparents, several aunts and uncles and Finn's first swim! We started in Squam Lake, NH at Tyler's grandpa's place with a bunch of family and lots of swimming and boating. Then we headed south to Hilton Head to visit T's grandmom and we ended the trip in Pacific Washington with my family. Here are just a few shots from the trip.

New pajamas from Grandmom covered with undersea creatures. We took him out on the town in those that night and he was a huge hit!

The four of us on our last day with Grandmom (T's mom's mom, Mary Jane)

Finn meeting Effie, Grandmom's dog

Finn in the sink at Great Grandmom's after we feasted on Beef Bourgignon a la Julia Child

The girls and Finn

Back to no coffee so this is what the mornings are looking like these days.

The woods on the way to the beach


A new dress

A while back I said I wanted to make a dress, I think, or at least something new for me to wear and I did it! And one of the best parts of this dress is that it turned out great and it was super economy! I got the pattern at a garage sale at a gas station in Eastern Washington for 25 cents and the fabric came off the remnant table in Berlin for 9 Euros. Woohoo. That second picture you get an idea of the fabric and stuff and I wish I ahd a better one but that is all I've got right now. Plus it shows Finn's new interest--wagging his arm all over the place while he eats which drives me crazy. Oh, I made the middle view(green).