Ready to quilt!

But what color thread? Maybe white?


Scraps are the best!

I am so excited about this scraps quilt! It's really coming together.


Boooock Bock!

Thanks to Claire, we've got six darling layers. Finn is bouncing off the walls! Will we have fresh eggs tomorrow? I hope!!


Ski chair and family shot

I have spent more time getting bundled, unbundling, bundling finn (who is resistant and quite effective), unbundling Finn in the previous week plus that I feel I could now create a very challenging aerobics routine using the various movements I have practiced. And isn't that chair sweet?


Still fun covered in snow!

Ice Castles!

In Silverthorne. Look it up. They grow the icicles and build these structures. Then spray them with water so they continue to accrue. Pretty magical!


Fancy Tiger spoils!

Sorry mom--mostly solids! Kona cotton selection was off the hook and only 6/yard. Christmas in February. The gray with dots is gonna be a little blouse a la Colette (picture a little rounded collar and red buttons). Can't wait to go back!



Denver, Day 1

Loving Denver, as always. Hearty brunch at Watercourse, then onto Fancy Tiger--better fabric store than I've seen in a while complete with really cool classes, lots of space and lovely folks running the show--and walk home along Snowy Lincoln.


Fabric swap!

Complete w/ Chairman Mao silk!!! And windstopper fleece! Yes!

More Animal!

Finn loves his muppets and sesame street records, BUT between pink eye and a fever he's finding there's just not enough Animal drumming. Sad!!!

Ski practice!

3 days till Colorado. Finn's gonna be on skis with grandmommy! Look out mountain!


Lil buddies

Perfecting my hot water bottle cover pattern!