cool helmet

so, i guess putting those words together is not an oxymoron after all. i know it's cool to be safe, but i have gotten so used to NOT wearing a helmet in copenhagen i am cringing at the thought of going back to my gnarly white razory looking thing that makes me feel like i am supposed to be exercising while i ride. i might as well wear spandex. i've been through that and i won't go back. i found this hat on london cycle chic, a really great bike fashion blog by someone who makes killer picks and there is a store attached to it, too where you can purchase that helmet for a pretty reasonable price. these are so cute, they almost made me feel like i might want to have more than one helmet so i can coordinate them with what i am wearing. i feel so, well, Clueless!

makin me wanna sew, i tell ya

ooh. this really makes me want to sew. i wish i had a sewing machine here in copenhagen. not like i have the time right now, but what a beautiful shirt. the fabric is incredible. i am gonna do it! the top is by Isabel Marant and was featured on Impulse Seattle.


if only i could bottle up this sun...

now you can. holy moly this cute glowing orb is all i would need, really, for the whole darn winter. here is the blurb from charles and marie dot com:
"Have it sit in the sun during the day and see it radiate at night. All made possible by modern technology – some LED's, a solar panel and some ingenious thinking."
wow. wow wow. wowowowowow.