Back on the good stuff

It's not that Tony's isn't good coffee, or that we were suffering drinking something else. But, Bluebeard is really great coffee and it feels like a treat drinking it everyday


Tyler asked me a while back if I ever just sew freestyle--kind of like how a skateboarder just responds to what comes as they cruise down the road. I said no. But today I decided to try a little more freestyle and used up some scraps and swatches that I got at the fabric store yesterday. MC Escher look out!!

Washcloth for Baby Lars!


Easter deviled eggs!

My mom's got an old skool book called, "Eggs Cookbook". The recipe was a smash! And the CSA paid off with a whole bunch of unique radishes for garnish. I felt like a food artist making these. Happy Easter! And thanks to Ryann for posing with these critters.

Story time with the guys!


Wolfie's new hat!!

I made this hat for Finn a while back and he outgrew it. Look who's sporting it now!!


sweet good morning

Jon Rauhouse Song Clip from Grant Robinson on Vimeo.

See this at Straight Six Blues. I think I amgoing to loop this so Finn and I can do the horsey skip around the living room all morning.


Hat, 50 cents!

Edmonds senior center thrift shop is foh rizzle.

Something's brewing!


Bluebeard is opening on Tuesday, April 12th!

I did complete the chalkboard and Annie drank her first cup this week! Hot diggity. Now, that chalkboard looks like I whipped it out in 20 minutes. That is the beauty of good art. It looks effortless. I wish I had more photos to post of the interior, but on the other hand, if you just google "Bluebeard Coffee" you will find sufficient hype. It seems that keeping people waiting is a really good way to generate conversation. Go Annie and Kevin!

Here are the details:

2201 6th Ave in Tacoma
(That's at 6th and State)

Sock garage!

I'm taking all of Finn's old, cute socks and I'm gonna sew them to a little sleeve of fabric, slide in some cardboard to make it hard and then he can store his matchbox cars in the little sockies!!!! I'll keep you posted here on the progress of that idea.


Vintage Stretch and Sew--thanks mom!

My mom has a couple of great stretch and sew patterns for kids. This
one us a simple, raglan sleeve top that only took 2 hours to make. The
fabric comes from a Longview, WA thrift purchase--Polo dress that I
thought might get some wear. Finn liked the shirt so much, he didnt
want to take it off. Next up, simple pants and a biker hat. Getting
Finn outfitted for easter!