Quilt complete!!

Does anyone know of a Fraggle rock audition?

Lipstick on a pig!

My old race bike has gotten a new life!! My buddy Reid traded me labor
and parts for some old campy stuff that was in nice shape and here I
am. Piggy rides again! I never dreamt of this vintage-look beauty and
I feel so stylish riding it. And, the latest addition to this is my
birthday present from Tyler-- that sweet front rack. It has certainly
changed my balance so I am getting used to front weight but boy am I
happy to not carry a bag! Sweaty back be gone with the wind.
And thanks to the lady at the light rail station for snapping this
awesome birthday photo! What a day!


Snack attack!

Mariners game. Perfect tot environment. Action and snacks!


Springhouse cellars / homemade wine and rugulas / beautiful tables!

It's going to be hard to top the rehearsal dinner. Indian influenced
salmon, safron rice with golden raisins, challah, wild greens and wine
made by the bride's dad. Yum!!


One more thing

And then there was also rainy coffee making under the hatch after an
evening moonlighting under a red umbrella by our fire struggling to
resist being extinguished by raindrops.
Oh--new stove thanks to the Frerker clan!! We love the Jetboil.

Mini vacation/wedding part 1

Very little sleep in a typical northwest forest downpour didn't make
the early morning hike to Bagby Hotsprings any less awesome. The hike
was short and full of amazing views and the dugout log tubs are as
cool as they were in Old Joy.
We arrived in Hood River to much better weather, a talent show at the
Elks Club and a group of lovely gals to share a house with.
I've come down with a cold and both Finn and I had some trouble
sleeping again so we explored safeway and gave now found a coffee shop
with toys!!!


Future gymnast?

Oh boy. Finn  is so cute and strong. When we go to the playground, he tears around barking out orders and exclaiming-- WOW!  What dis?  OOOH! This outfit was cracking me up all day, a nice mix of Russian gymnast and seafaring deckhand.  I love the way he is leaning on that bar, so sovereign and content. 



Aside from a smattering of sunny hours, this summer is whimpering like an old bus on it's last route. My tomatoes are still green (sigh), my skin is still pale, and I haven't yet cursed the heat (what heat?). Yet, if this photo were the only remnant of the unfinished shift, I would have to deduce that it wasn't half bad. That's Tyler and Colt playing songs by the fire and our garage lit up like a greenhouse. Pretty darn summery-night's dream, if you ask me.


Beach sparks

Tyler found all these firework hulls on the beach at whidbey island.