Summer dress

This is about the most perfect summer dress ever made by Swedish designers Permanent Vacation.


Hot booties

I've spent a good chunk of time trying to design and make my own version of booties for Finn. It seems like there are tons of cute ones and they all look really easy so I figured I was up for the task. It proved a little more challenging than expected.

This is number one. Old ski sweater, ultra suede bottom. After they kept sliding off I took a little seam in the ankle which helped. But, when we lost one it was sort of a blessing.

Number two. Fleece from an old fuzzy bear Patagonia coat. I honestly thought these would do it. They are a lot like haflinger slippers but they would not stay on either.

Number three. I finally caved and used a pattern I found online for free. They're basically robeez with a rubbery bottom. Finn likes thesebest, too.


Back to things made

All I blog about these days is Finn, but I have a backlog of photos of stuff I have made in the last three months that I am going to start to post. I got an iPhone and I just love it b/c it is so Michael easier to do posts and I can do them from the bus or while I am sleepily playing with Finn at 5am!
So, here is a snapshot of some cards I made as gifts with stamps at my moms house.

And here is a recent cullinary highlight. French lentils cooked in this summers tomato and pesto sauce; farmer's market greens; sauteed asparagus with lemon and butter; and black rice risotto cooked in homemade chicken stock with chantrelle mushrooms gathered by Annie and Kevin! Yum! It was a little on the crunchy health nut side, but I guess that is what I am going for considering the fact that a lot of our other meals consist o tater tots and and frozen fish filets (that's a pretty tasty meal!). Oh and Fat Tire to wash it down.


New socks

Finn was really spoiled this valentines day. He got a onesie from Boogies from Tyler's mom and four darling pairs of socks from my mom. The onesie is prime size for summer (stay tuned for photo opp) and the socks are so right now. I think when I put them on him this morning they gave him extra Dracula power. Or is that a zombie pose?


On the move

So Finn is officially mobile! He's got a license to crawl and we are discovering that his strong will and strong legs make a winning combo for mischief!


While I was away

I think Tyler had a pretty good time while I was gone. He taught Finn to wave hello and goodbye. He watched Finn start to pull himself up and stand at the coffee table. He visited grandma and his auntie Annie and uncle Kevin for super bowl.


Tyler's blog!

Tyler recently moved from standard website to a blog and it's lookin' hot, of course!
I swear, everything Tyler makes is always so slick and cool. This is no exception and there are some really good songs that he and a buddy, Colt Craft, (and I a little, too) have been working on.
Click here to go there.


Finn's first skate

Tyler and did a little shredding on Monday. Taking advantage of the beautiful spring weather we are having.

Woah buddy! He's ready for some air!


Snowed in!

I came to DC for work and have been stranded for several days because of the snow. A few highlights.