Happy birthday twice!

I think of having a birthday week as something that adults do in order to drag out the last moments of the passing year or a somewhat princessy act of self indulgence, a chance to be wished happy birthday over and over, milking every ounce of sugar (or alcohol) out of what is really only one day. But we just, in Finn's first year of life, introduced him to the joys of the birthday week. You saw him eating cake last weekend and now you'll see him again. But this time Tyler and I primed him with a 3 hour nap so he could fully enjoy attacking his tender birthday treat. Note half the cupcake stuck to his bib.


A package from France!

If Finn isn't a model in the making, then it doesn't rain in seattle. I'm not always the best at capturing his good looks AND making sure to center the photo, but I do my best. And honestly, I think the clothes that Morgan sent would make any kid look like handsome devil even while stuffing a petit beurre cookie from LU in his petite bouche. These are a recent selection of pics featuring the new additions Morgan sent (including a single sock which I will explain later).

Finn has mastered saying wow and is moving on to tooth brushing and whistling.

A view I get a lot of, sometimes accompanied by a loud noise, a crash or bang.

Martin takes his bath!!!! Cute!

Amazing book pages. Too bad his mama hogs this book!

Cookies! These led to this discovery that doesn't cry during his diaper change if he has a cookie in his mouth. Just like his mom and dad!

Thanks Morgan! We love all the treats!