Combing the photo archives

There was a time when I took pictures with a real film camera. Today I feel like rewinding.


Calendar 2012

I did 'em all by hand gall-darnit! Government austerity measures have trickled down into Santa's workshop!! So, only people like grandmas are gittin 'em. That was a lot of work but they sure have the lovin' touch--mistakes, scribbles and one even starts with the month, Januay. Heard of that? It's okay if you haven't. Just google it. They'll say, "did you mean ---------?"

Human dust mop

Finn crawled under our bed and traversed it on the underside! Or should I say the underbelly? That place WAS really dusty. Check out that dust bunny clinging for dear life to Finn's eyebrow. This pic was taken after I had already cleaned him up and he still looks dusted by indoor snow!


My budding seamster

Finn's job is to transfer all the pins from one pin cushion to the other.

Introducing the Ayleen dress!


Breakfast ringside

They filled in the whole in our front yard. Finn got to watch two days of digging with a digger at close range(while eating his meals, no less) along with lots of hardhatting, measuring, cellphone talking. There was even a moment when the digger lowered a guy into the hole to take soil samples, then he climbed on the shovel and the digger lifted him out! Ahhhhh! That was gripping. And the next best part is that they filled the hole with sand so we basically have a huge sandbox now. Calling all dumps and diggers and mini backhoes. The work site is open and ready!

Gift tags

Paper: leftover from Annie and Kevin's wedding invites. Tape: that awesome Japanese brand that everyone is carrying right now (moto?). I can't wait for all my jars of jam and relish to meet these tags and fall madly in love.

A new dress is underway

I don't remember if I posted a pic of the pink, orange, yellow floral dress I made last spring from a self made pattern, but this here, is round 2 on that pattern. I traced it from a thrift store dress that my buddy Ayleen sent me. I love this dress more than any other, so I thought I better immortalize it and make a few more. This one is far classier than the original and v.1 because it is made of deliciously peacock green wool jersey, courtesy of my auntie Martha! I narrowed the skirt because I was short just a bit of fabric, but I think that will mature the dress a bit and make it more evening/work wear. I'll keep posting--or probably just with the final look! Hot diggity. Oh, and I finally have a working serger so it is going to be mad-knits from here on out! No more zig-zag stitch for me!


Annie's treats

Pralines and peanut butter chocolate fudge!


That's frost alright

Hey, it IS finally winter. We've had some insignificant frost; the kind that is gone before you see your breath. This morning, though, there is a thin, fragile dusting of unfallen snow. This is our fire pit with a half- burned log from an epic outside clean-up/play session where we kept a tiny bonfire going all morning. The berries alighted upon the log in the night, the remains of what the ash has to offer. No pun intended. So, welcome winter! I'm bundling up with Finn and hoofing it up to beacon hill for preschool--Jack Frost won't stop us!


Figs and berries and horsetail!

A wreath made from the neighborhood!