Tie guy


This one is a hodgepodge of thrift fabric w a garage sale quilt top! Cant wait toll Jer + Liz take it out for a spin!


I think this year I want to teach Finn about all the stars so I've been researching meteor showers to get us off to a really exciting start. Here is a good link I found with this year's calendar. Anyone interested in some evenings in the woods this winter?



This is what is happening to all my canning supplies as they lay fallow. It was all Finn's idea and I'm pretty proud of how clever it is!

Hottie pad!

Love making these. I quilted/embroidered these in the car--oh and sewed the bindings on by hand. Oh dang! Handy pioneer road tripping. And they're gone as fast as they came--a gift for an after the fact wedding party, kind of like me and Tyler.


First hand quilted project!

I finished this last year, but never photographed it. All stash-scraps, of course!! Lots of pieces from grandma and the Kirkland seamstress.
Tyler's Birthday wall is up!! I used some cool scraps from work. Check 'em out here. It's called Picnic Pals. So darn cute!


Solo Show at the Old Rainier Brewery: August 11

It's been a little while since I played by myself in town so come on out and hear my tunes! (I've included a special sneak peek just for you guys.) Here are the stats: Old Rainier Brewery (3130 Airport Way South)--it's gonna be out front, I think, so very easy to find! Saturday, August 11th. 12:30 show start (30-45 minute set) with 9 other bands to follow I think it's a $5 door and that probably comes with some perks. Hope to see you there!