Do you really need hipstamatic?


Project #1 (No, this is not Finn! He's not that big yet!)

I'm linin' 'em up! I've got so many things I want to do after I am done working, but there's no rule that I have start with the first thing on my list! Instead, I'm gonna start with this new, fresh one that Annie sent me. Simple pants for Finn. I'll report back in a few weeks.

Tiny pony!


music magic

Grant set up a little party/show in the practice space at the Rainier Brewery this weekend to kick of his Straight Six Blues road tour and movie making. Check out his awesome blog here. I will be re-posting a bit while he travels so you can stay updated through me. It was super cozy with lots of friends and snacks and couple of kids racing around. Well, some kids crawling and Finn racing around. Colt Kraft (with grant and Tyler) played a really lovely set and then Aly and I did basically a practice round. I am still not so awesome at guitar and it kind of throws everything off when you're trying to work together (sorry Aly!!) but we had fun anyway. Finn even contributed some percussion on our first song.


Change is afoot, walking down the stairs and he's got his guitar!

Tyler, Finn and I are in for a spring full of changes and I wanted to share them with all of you and list them out just to get my head around them:

1. I gave my notice at work and Tyler and I are doing a flip flop! He goes to MSN everyday and I will be staying home with Finn starting March 1st!! Hot diggity dog.

2. Moving to Edmonds from March 1-June 1. My parents will be in Norway so we'll be looking after their lovely house, garden and kitty. Finn hasn't quite gotten what is happening, but I think he's going to like it.

3. I am running the Rock n Roll Marathon in Seattle on June 25th and I have just, in earnest begun my training. I have been jogging for a while now, but I'll be ramping up the mileage and organizing some training days. If you want to join me for a leg of some of my long runs, let me know! I'll be planning the routes and dates in advance and enlisting all of you to be my company! You can even ride, skate or inline alongside me if you prefer.

Annie + Kevin

Annie made Kevin this darling garland to decorate their Valentine's Day.