mousey getting tired!

This image tracks my mouse movements. This is what I am doing instead of sewing and canning and lifting weights and digging and writing letters and wiping butts and kitchen tables and bathtubs and toilets and tears. Period. The vertical bar of density is the photoshop layers toolbar in case you're wondering.


Pick, pit and put-up.

Small batch of cherry jam. No need to can this one. We'll eat it in a week!

Hat in action!

This hat got a little funky as I mentioned earlier, but it still fits ok so Finn is rocking it! And, sort of like in that last post, Finn's not super pumped about panda-ing for me and showing sweet, natural smile right now. It's either a really huge fakey grin accompanied with a roar or some other flippant gesture/sound, or I just have to take a picture of from the back. Here is a rare, somewhat genuine smile for the camera + one that shows what most of the pics from this real looked like. The hat fabric and the bandana are all from ClothWORKs and are designed by this awesome gal, Alyssa Thomas.


Great outfit!

Me: hey Finn! Turn around and show me your cool outfit!
Finn: (turns and walks into shrubs)