LAzy Susi

This is really too much. I want one, except for the darn price tag.


Purple carrots!

He actually said, canni have a purple carrot? Um...I guess, but only one! Psych!

From. Our. Tree.


Art Walk at the Brewery

And Finn's down! Novustone is looking amazing!

New leggs!

Getting to that thrift store knit!


SPICY green tomato relish

For hot dogs of course. And grilled cheese and grilled ham and cheese. All the green toms i see all over town are killing me. If they only knew how delicious green tomato relish is. I think it's better than relish made with cukes. And, I'm finally getting how to make things actually spicy and not just taste of chiles and peppers. Here's the secret: raw habaneros and serranos chopped and put in fresh at the very last minute. And plenty of 'Em.


Shroom harvest

Thanks to Annie and Amy, I did my first chantrelle hunting two weeks ago. Then I proceeded to make 5 quiches in order to use those suckers before they got slimy! Foraging is hard work. It reminds me a little of thrift shopping. Lots if searching and sifting.

Salsa conquered

Though I froze it instead if canning it, these spicy numbers will heat right up when they thaw. I bought thus little self-published recipe book in guanajuato and haven't cracked it till now. The recipes are very simple and delicious. Lots of tomatillo and dried chiles--two things ghat are easy to find. Some are more like enchilada sauces and others are what we would call salsa. I'm gonna test these recipes off one by one.

Finns first shave

He practically had the razor in his mouth when I walked into the bathroom. No major damage.

Bike repair!

Another 20 lbs of toms =

Spaghetti!!!! J and Ryan entrusted their pasta maker attachments to me before they took off and I'm gonna put those suckers to use!