new oxfords!

i have been drooling over these beige, suede paul smith oxfords on the internet for quite some time but just couldn't bring myself to drop a whole month's rent on a pair of shoes. that is ridiculous. so, after a bit of searching, i have found an even better pair of oxfords that i am soooo excited about. just got a rubber sole put on 'em while i waited patiently so now they are susie-proof. and also, loving long dress-shirt dresses with high waists. it sort of goes with the oxford, too. a little bit business, a lot feminine and extremely comfortable. quality.



designed by ole palsby in denmark. they are everywhere. caffeination is rarely provided by a cute brown bird. i love it. i think i am going to get one. anyone else want one?

new bag for trip

in a last minute dash, i decided that i needed a new bag to carry around while in Scandinavia. you probably recognize the fabric from the chair. and even the bias cut.
i can't take total credit for the design, though, because I got a lot of my ideas from Nate Lambdin. the two panels were sewn individually, then turned inside out and sewn onto the handle which reaches continuously around the bag (is the base and the strap, one piece).

inside there is a stretch mesh pocket edged with hot pink ribbon that i think came from a Victoria's Secret box. you can see the little pink ribbon poking out of the side of the panel due to the construction style.

simple. it works great, but i would reinforce the strap with interfacing to make it a little stiffer if i got any commissions to make one for someone else(hint, hint).


nuh uh. yea tiger!

some help for designing code.