new hat in need of clever name

So, I may be unemployed, but I am not sleeping all day. Although sleeping 8 hours a night still seems really indulgent, I guess I could call this phase of my life grad school rehab. One of my goals while I look for work was to get a bit more sewing going, especially some hat. During the movie "An Incovenient Truth" darling Al Gore is carried by his darling father who is wearing an equally darling hat. I made a little sketch of the hat to remember it as best I could and here is what I came up with yesterday.
First, the sketch.

Then the hat.

Then some drawings for improvements.

And I actually made an honest-to-goodness pattern for this bad boy so I am ready to make more. Well, I can make more of the same hat for someone with a tiny weeny head like mine! I will have to do some sizing. I am sure I can learn how to do that on the internet.


news and more news!

ONE: I am officially done with grad school. I got an email today that made it all official. I didn't have a celebration like I had planned because there have been so many parties and weddings this summer and other things to celebrate, I just don't have the energy to toot my own horn more than just saying it here, but it is still really great news. Maybe I will organize a night out. I honestly don't feel closure because I have not gone through some ritual or ceremony. I need to do that. Any ideas?

TWO: Tyler and I got a tiny grant to do an installation on Broadway as part of the STart on Broadway program which is filling the storefronts of a block of buildings on Broadway with cool installations until the building gets demolished for the new Sound Transit light rail station. This is Tyler setting up. It is almost done and you can check it out really soon. We are hoping to have an art opening at Dick's Drive-In across the street when it's done. This week. Stay-tuned. Oh-and there are already several cool projects installed. It's the perfect to thing check out after the sun has gone down.

THREE: It was Tyler's birthday on August 15th and I put together a whole new set of bedding for him, made a duvet cover and two lovely pillowcases. All patches of things from what seems like my endless fabric collection.
FOUR: I am going to be posting on this blog from now on since Fantastisk Fint is all over. I went in and changed stuff to make that one my future blog but then it was all so CPH specific that I decided that I wanted to keep it as is.