A roof over our heads

We have two floors, stairs, and so much more space. AND, the second floor "living room" area has expanded our view of West Seattle so we can survey our industrial fiefdom of SODO filled cranes, lights, smoke stacks, Link and so much more! I can't wait to sit up here and do drawings of our neighborhood from above. More photos of construction to come. I am a little behind.

Bathroom tiling nearly drops pregnant woman but relaxing bath rejuvenates


OOOOhh, double bandana split

These are so darling. I can't believe I haven't seen them till now.
I want one. I want them all. I want one of those Obama ones, too.
Wanna get one for me? Just kidding. Sort of.
Click here.


This one just kills me! Todd and Chris just had a little one, a boy, and he is darling little bug. They are trying to take a picture of him everyday and the latest ones he is so squirmy, the pictures are all blurs and batting and fleece tracers. I love it.
His Daddy sings this song in the car and I can't get over how funny and cute it is.

sewing inheritance

The other day Tyler was telling someone how when I want to sew something, I rarely have to go to the store because I have such an incredible collection of notions, fabric and all things I need to get my projects done. And he's right. I still like to buy fabric and ribbons and so forth, but I rarely NEED anything. That is because my Grandma and my Mom have supplied with so many lovely sewing gifts, hand-me-downs, tools, and all manner of things that are useful to me when I make projects. I reorganized all my sewing stuff before we started baby-phase-construction because I wanted to be sure I had access to the things I need during this work. While I was doing this I took pictures of some of the little piles and drawers of darling antique-y buttons, needles and so forth that I have gotten from my Grandma Pearl. I should do a feature on my awesome sewing machine next, which came from my Mom. Soon.

And apparently, banks and other business used to give out needles and sewing kits as promotionals! Cool! Maybe they will start again during this crazy recession.


Construction Extravaganza!


Wow! We have started building the baby-multipurpose-closet-reading room. Multipurpose is key because it will be the only room, besides the bathroom, that you can shut a door on. Tyler and Jacob, with Josh's leadership made a huge dent in the construction this weekend and it's crazy how much the space has already changed. I am so excited. You can already tell what it will be like to have a second floor and it is giving us SO much more space. I think Tyler and I will both be able to have our own work/creative stations. Mine will probably be downstairs behind the door and Tyler's upstairs in the living room-ish space. Hot diggity!

My job this weekend was the resident chef and go-to gal which worked out great for me. I think I have a back-up career if this job doesn't work out. More happening today, so I will be updating again tomorrow with stair stringers and decking.

Art Walk at Old Rainier Brewery

Please join us this Saturday, March 14th from 6-9:30 for Art Walk at the Old Rainier Brewery
Continue the night with live music (The Whiskey Swillers, Queen Schmookwan and more) if you are in for a party.

Tyler and I will be showing pictures in our hallway gallery.


No match for stains

My Mom is a master sewer. I have mentioned it before and not only that she has an incredibly quick turn around. She asked Tyler and me what we needed for our place and since we got that beautiful table, Tyler suggested place mats. We all picked out fabric together and chose two different colors of an outdoor/awning/furnituer fabric called Sunbrella because it was so cute. Mom turned those place mats out in 24-48 hours and what you see here is one of the unexpected results. They are totally water resistant. Spills are no match for these. We are both so pleased because they are going to stay crisp and clean forever! Awesome. And, they are so simple, double-sided for a change of style and there are 8 of them. A whole set. Thanks Mom!



Since I made it to the hump (Wednesday), I treated myself to a Mighty-O, chocolate with coconut glaze donut and a latte. I am flying high!


Matching baby-daddy ties

You've gotta click on this one to get the full effect.
Boy, I never thought I would get into matching stuff. I think wearing matching stuff as a kid and then rebelling against it as a teenager, just wanting to be different, made me not want to match anymore. But I done made matching ties for Tyler and the busy belly bun. What I didn't show you on that Chicago fabric post was the little fragment of tie silk I bought for the bargain price of, cough, cough (it's unbelievable), one stinky, recession-proof dollar! It turns out ties are super easy to make and Tyler loved it. He is such a good sport, always wearing and loving the things I make him. It really makes me feel good. I thought, if we can manage to straight-jacket that baby into a dress-shirt for Annie and Kevin's wedding, we can get him into a tie, too. And then, he can look just like his Daddy! Precious.

Valentine's Day Brunch + more table talk

On Valentine's Day we had some neighbors, Jesse and Eden, over for egg-in-the-holes.
And, just look at that table. I am so happy with it. We love having people over to eat because our table is so comfortable and beautiful. I was just up visiting my Uncle Paul and Aunt Rhonda (the responsible party) and there is now an amazingly beautiful bench crafted to match the table. So, one side will sit bench style against the wall and then they also got some walnut chairs to match which will be on the non-wall side. We are SOOOO spoiled!

6 month belly monitor

Click to enlarge.
More like 6.5. This is a little late, but I included an oldie for comparison's sake. If you followed Fantastisk Fint, you might recognize my old room.
Under what now seems like the tiniest coat ever, is my body fitting loosely in that dress-shirt-dress. And to the right, yes, you might notice the middle button doing the lion's share of the work, straining the slightly stretchy, but not stretchy enough, cotton. A reminder that within weeks that shirt, my favorite shirt, not just because it is so cute but also because I got it in copenhagen and Tyler loves it and it has lasted 6 whole months into the pregnancy, maybe seven, will be retired temporarily and join its compatriots in a box labeled, "PRE-PREG". I should start writing "POST-PREG" out of optimism.
Click here to see 5 months.