Construction Extravaganza!


Wow! We have started building the baby-multipurpose-closet-reading room. Multipurpose is key because it will be the only room, besides the bathroom, that you can shut a door on. Tyler and Jacob, with Josh's leadership made a huge dent in the construction this weekend and it's crazy how much the space has already changed. I am so excited. You can already tell what it will be like to have a second floor and it is giving us SO much more space. I think Tyler and I will both be able to have our own work/creative stations. Mine will probably be downstairs behind the door and Tyler's upstairs in the living room-ish space. Hot diggity!

My job this weekend was the resident chef and go-to gal which worked out great for me. I think I have a back-up career if this job doesn't work out. More happening today, so I will be updating again tomorrow with stair stringers and decking.

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