sewing inheritance

The other day Tyler was telling someone how when I want to sew something, I rarely have to go to the store because I have such an incredible collection of notions, fabric and all things I need to get my projects done. And he's right. I still like to buy fabric and ribbons and so forth, but I rarely NEED anything. That is because my Grandma and my Mom have supplied with so many lovely sewing gifts, hand-me-downs, tools, and all manner of things that are useful to me when I make projects. I reorganized all my sewing stuff before we started baby-phase-construction because I wanted to be sure I had access to the things I need during this work. While I was doing this I took pictures of some of the little piles and drawers of darling antique-y buttons, needles and so forth that I have gotten from my Grandma Pearl. I should do a feature on my awesome sewing machine next, which came from my Mom. Soon.

And apparently, banks and other business used to give out needles and sewing kits as promotionals! Cool! Maybe they will start again during this crazy recession.

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Anonymous said...

c'est fou suzie!!!! j'ai exactement les memes boutons que toi... ceux qui sont noirs ou il est ecrit "la mode"... je les ai de differentes couleurs!!! incroyable!

et ta grand-mere s'appelait vraiment "perle"??? magnifique!

bisous a toi/vous