Library tote #???

Sweet new tote for Finn using Penguin + Fish's fox embroidery pattern!

I'm guessing I'll want to make at least a few more of these in my life. When I do a estimate of how many of these type of bag I have made in my life, you'd think I'd be sick of them. But, I'm not. I still love making little tote bags. And pot holders. And stretch pants. And the thing all of these items have in common, besides requiring a sewing machine, is that they are all quick and easy. Yup, quick and easy. So, why don't I LOVE the longer, more difficult projects as much? I do love them just as much, even more, but I don't enjoy them as much. To finish a long project, I have to go through some moments when I think the project is stupid, that I suck and that it's a waste of time of to even bother making anything. With a shorty, I don't even enter the woods because the reward is immediate and it motivates me to complete it. To complete the long ones, I have to be able to talk myself through some tough spots and then return the same project the next week that caused me so much frustration--and there's usually a couple of rounds of this. So, I'm starting a big project w Aly and it's gonna be great to have a partner to stick it out together with! More on that later!


Making Memories on the record!

Tyler's awesome project is starting to get some pretty sweet press. Learn more about it by listening to this interview with Marcie Sillman of KUOW/NPR fame!! Hot digity!!


Library bag, part 1.

Got this pattern from a clothworks designer, Alyssa Thomas! F is for Finn. It's gonna be a library tote.

Happy birthday Fionna!


Veggie pride!

Having my own pride parade over here. Our garden is actually feeding us--a lot! I've even given away some food. That is pretty exciting. My new years resolution is comin to fruition--hardy har!

Brinnon winds

What a big boy! Flying his own kite!