Library tote #???

Sweet new tote for Finn using Penguin + Fish's fox embroidery pattern!

I'm guessing I'll want to make at least a few more of these in my life. When I do a estimate of how many of these type of bag I have made in my life, you'd think I'd be sick of them. But, I'm not. I still love making little tote bags. And pot holders. And stretch pants. And the thing all of these items have in common, besides requiring a sewing machine, is that they are all quick and easy. Yup, quick and easy. So, why don't I LOVE the longer, more difficult projects as much? I do love them just as much, even more, but I don't enjoy them as much. To finish a long project, I have to go through some moments when I think the project is stupid, that I suck and that it's a waste of time of to even bother making anything. With a shorty, I don't even enter the woods because the reward is immediate and it motivates me to complete it. To complete the long ones, I have to be able to talk myself through some tough spots and then return the same project the next week that caused me so much frustration--and there's usually a couple of rounds of this. So, I'm starting a big project w Aly and it's gonna be great to have a partner to stick it out together with! More on that later!

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boobieprize said...

this could be a really cute airplane treat bag. :)