We've already had so many this year that I feel greedy asking for more. But, I am still eager for our next flurry. This has been tiding me over until now. Click on the link and see real pictures of snowflakes in all their varied glory. And another thing. What came first? Paper snowflakes or pictures of actual snowflakes? Do kids just know the shape of snow without ever having to see flakes under a microscope camera. I want to know this. And how should kids know that some flakes are really simple boxy things with only a few holes? I always thought the paper flakes that turned out really simple were kind of, well, boring. But no! Nature makes them just like that. Simple, humble, fancy-free snowflake. Happy winter solstice to all of you.


All summer longing

I am busily sewing Christmas gifts while Tyler and Finn and are bouncing in the snow up in Colorado with Finn's grandparents and with all this miserable rain, I keep longing for summer. But I did sleep until 10am this morning (that hasn't happened for at least 18 months--I don't know if I should be happy or sad) and I can't help but think that the gray clouds contributed to my deliciously long night, another blanket keeping me calm and warm and asleep.


Susie, let's organize your room!

The title of this post would never appear in my internal monologue--
well maybe heavily laden with sarcasm or after several cocktails. I
would much rather be making a mess than picking one up. Nonetheless, I
spent a good portion of every childhood Saturday getting my room
probably not clean, but at least "decent" as my parents said. My
sister, however, took great zeal in organizing her disheveled sister
and often hailed the war cry, "Susie, let's organize your room!" to
which I could only say yes. Someone else actually wants to clean? Did
I hear that right? Even if it meant Annie donning viser and clipboard,
it was better than facing the chaos alone and the result was probably
much better with her at my side(or breathing down my neck). And now,
even as adults, Annie pitches in with some organizing hours and this
particular project was long overdue (recall the picture of Finn with
his hands and mouth overflowing with emroidery thread). All I had to
do was put all that tangled thread into duffle with the box my mom
gave years ago at Christmas, give it to Annie and several days later
it reappeared completely done! Yahoo! Thanks Annie!