We've already had so many this year that I feel greedy asking for more. But, I am still eager for our next flurry. This has been tiding me over until now. Click on the link and see real pictures of snowflakes in all their varied glory. And another thing. What came first? Paper snowflakes or pictures of actual snowflakes? Do kids just know the shape of snow without ever having to see flakes under a microscope camera. I want to know this. And how should kids know that some flakes are really simple boxy things with only a few holes? I always thought the paper flakes that turned out really simple were kind of, well, boring. But no! Nature makes them just like that. Simple, humble, fancy-free snowflake. Happy winter solstice to all of you.

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Chloe said...

His photos here, too. (No subscription required!) They are amazing.