Rainy day reader

Richard Scarry is definitely a hot pick. And super heroes are coming into style. But it seems no matter the content, Finn is content to flip, inspect and mull over books for alarmingly long durations. This week I am going to do a photo essay about all the book moments. Stay tuned.


Chicken coop!

My buddy Thor passed this little beauty onto me. I wish I had taken a before for you all, but these are the components of a rad chicken coop that will soon occupy the back corner of our yard! Hot diggity! And thanks to Josh for the truck! Anybody got Amy chickens they wanna unload?


Next up!

This one's next. So cute. I kind of feel like this dress pattern is made fir me. I love the A-line skirt and shirty top. It's got a yoke in back with a little gather--another detail I love these days. I think it's a much safer bet than the sweater. This one came from Reid's mom's stash! I also got a bunch of girl scout troop leader uniform patterns--oh dang!

Jam #2: blueberry mint

Finn's face is all crunched up but that is not out if dislike. Check out his empty plate. Used the Ball recipe off the pectin packet but took a handful of mint leaves and steeped those in the jam while it cooked.

Tryin hard! Burda 7866.

Too hard! Well i just don't know. The pattern is pretty cute in a forever 21 meets Eileen Fisher kind of way but I feel a bit more forever midlife + Eileen flusher when I put it on. Ouch! I should have made a size 12! Argh! I'll try and make it work but it's just too small. Chloe, would you be into this? It's gorgeous dark green/blue wool jersey! Cozy and comfy.


Still got a few years, at least

- Tyler


This rag is still in amazing condition. It was totally worth the laundry detergent, water and effort I took to line dry it. Seriously. Tyler called it out but I just can't throw it away. Waste not, want not, people!


Today's highlights

Frosted flakes cozy + static!!!!!


Olympic Sculpture makes Seattle summer a little less dreary

I'm really on a roll here. This summer weather is not at all what I was hoping for. But having a guest visit and rediscovering the all-weather beauty of the sculpture park does a little bit of compensation/consolation.

Ya see, it ain't no vacation if you have to recover from it.

It's true, we've retreated. I feel a bit shafted because I was really up for a camping, car free, crunchy and sweaty vacation. I wasn't expecting it to be a breeze hauling a two year old up and down hills but I was up for the challenge. So I am licking my wounds just a bit. The weather isnt helping. Anybody up for a day trip to E-Wa? I'm looking for a worthwhile wilderness adventure that is SUNNY or at least dry! Something that is somewhat primitive and had that immersion feeling. No Cel phones. One change of clothes.


Fickle Vic

Off and on sunny day but raining now! Had a lovely bike trip around Victoria today but are finding it hard to plan with such changing conditions. The pictures are, from the top, Gonzales Hill Park and Willows Beach.


Arg!! Rained out.

There ate no pictures of our soaked tent, pads, bags, and toes--or Finn's sweaty head from sleeping on the vinyl kids tent with no sheet. We're all going without while we camp, but we decided we could go without sooooo much water in our tent. We're back in Victoria regrouping and checking the weather. Our goal was Gulf islands and home through Skagit Valley but our aspirations have shrunk and we're headed to Sooke for some B and B and who knows what else. Everyone think sun!!!!!!


New cords for the trip!

As you can see, Finns tummy is akin to a beer belly these days and all the waist bands on his pants are kinda tight. When I ask him, do you want to wear jeans or cozy pants, he always answers, cozy pants. I can understand wanting to wear stretch pants everyday, too, so I made him a pair if new pants with a bigger waistband. Check out the monogram pocket and the reinforced knees! The shirt is from MITS courtesy of Annie!

New sleepsack

I'm just about to leave on a 12-day bike tour with Finn and Gina and I made Finn this sweet new sleepsack! Wool jersey from the stash of fabric from the seamstress' house. It's so long, I think Finn will be in it until he's in highschool! Weird!


Here's to nice rentals!

Our new place has a sweet garden, great neighbors and landlords and tons of space. The garden has lots of cutting flowers so I've always got bouquets going--in every room!


It's a hit!

Happy anniversary Annie + Kevin!

If for some reason Annie and Kevin look at the blog between now and when I arrive in Tacoma to give them this chair I recovered, they'll spoil the surprise, but I doubt they will! Can't wait to hand this puppy over. It looks navy, but gnat is actually charcoal wool. I made one mistake--the top cushion zipper is actually on the side so it shows on the top. Tyler said he would redo it if it were his, but, I think it's kind if funky and I am a touch lazy!


Rimrock Lake

A little fourth of July camping with Becca and Greg. Hot days and cool nights.

Playing out

Tyler has been playing more music lately. Collaborating with colt, grant and jaime and this last week, he played a set on his own and a few tunes with Ryan before Ryan's trio--the Hexaphonic Three(?)--played a set at gallery 1412.

Putting it up!

Sun's out, everything is ripening--let the canning continue! This batch is strawberry-rhubarb jam. Yes, Annie, I've got a jar for you. Finn is getting very emphatic when he tastes the things I am making. This jam-wich was all oooohs and aaahhhs.