Year 2: The Zipper Anniversary

Our marriage is turning two which Tyler said is the cotton anniversary. I'm calling it the zipper anniversary b/c Tyler got me this stack of burly, amazing zippers to commemorate our 2 years together! Soft case for the guitar? Long coat? Teepee for Finn? Incorporate one into one of the two chairs I want to reupholster?


Al fresco!

The playhouse is almost in full swing. Tyler still needs to attach the roof but it's looking good!

Something's brewing!



R.I.P. Pacifiers

You've been so good to us, but we're passing you all on, and bottles, to a young man in need---Mr. Wolfers! Here is our last big day out with the preferred pacifier, hot pink. Good times! Today when I told Finn that at nap there would be no more baba, he said, "how about a pink baba?" Then I knew for sure I was doing the right thing. His words were not obscured by a rubber stopper

Hand lettered

I don't typically have the patience for embroidery, but something about block letters and no curves makes doing messages on the backs of quilts fly by. I like the results, too.


Playhouse progresses...

Finn is 2!

Doesn't he look old!?
Thanks for the sweet pic, Nate.
And featuring a very handsome coat by Grandma Marie.


New shoes!

I'm pretty jealous. These are basically exactly what I want to be wearing. Our friends Sam, Lane and Pasquale sent these to Finn. What a lucky dog!

Is it still a "nap" if he talks the whole time?

1 hour or so of chatter and futzing with the blinds. I walk in. Finn says in a very cheery voice, " I'm dwiving!"



Yes, that is a bikini top doubling as a guitar strap!

Springtime colors.

My mom made me this same darling little bag from an Amy Butler pattern although hers is a bit more professional. Anyhow. I'm all about using what's in my stash right now so every single thing came from the stash! (well the exterior came from a garage sale this weekend but I bought it without planning on making this, so it qualifies as "stash") Anyhow, this pattern was strangely difficult despite its pint size but it'll go way faster on the next one.