Muppet's Movie!

Finn's first movie at the theatre has made an impression!

Santa's workshop too!

Santa's workshop!


A crafter is born!

Grandma Moses

This print is so sweet and cozy and I dug out just enough real red velvet to put he back together. It's going straight to Copper Mt.' to grandmommy's house!


Introducing...the library tote!

I'm perfecting this design. Plenty of room for books. All cotton for easy washing. Long shoulder straps. And pretty easy to make!


It sure feels like winter

But it's not! We're still getting roses!!! And I figured out that choisya ( the greenery in the arrangement) is quite aromatic, in a good way!

Skate n scoot

I'm getting some basic skateboarding skills as Finn gets faster on his scooter. We've been cruising the I-90 path on the sunny days and working in Finns braking skills.

1/2 way there

Tyler and I are taking a break from most of our vices for almost 3 weeks. We've eliminated meat, dairy, eggs, caffeine, alcohol, all flours/grains except whole grains, refined sugars, and fun. I cracked today and ate eggs and 3 pieces of Halloween candy, but otherwise it has actually been pretty fun. We both feel really good, aside from cravings for our regular foods. Our house is stocked with tons of fresh stuff and I am a bit of a slave to the stove--being vegan, straight-edge, sugarfree is a lot of work. Today I am really looking forward to the end of this little breather but maybe today's transgressions will help me make it to next week!


Privacy chair

This is so nice! Easily taken apart, recyclable, good looking privacy-providing chair! Could even work as a nursing station at a workplace!

See: www.benjaminhubert.co.uk

No caption needed.