1/2 way there

Tyler and I are taking a break from most of our vices for almost 3 weeks. We've eliminated meat, dairy, eggs, caffeine, alcohol, all flours/grains except whole grains, refined sugars, and fun. I cracked today and ate eggs and 3 pieces of Halloween candy, but otherwise it has actually been pretty fun. We both feel really good, aside from cravings for our regular foods. Our house is stocked with tons of fresh stuff and I am a bit of a slave to the stove--being vegan, straight-edge, sugarfree is a lot of work. Today I am really looking forward to the end of this little breather but maybe today's transgressions will help me make it to next week!

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Karen said...

Dear Susie, I keep meaning to actually email you but continually fail in that department. Finn is adorable and so very you. Sending some encouragement for the straight edge vegan hedonism. Rock on with the fruits and veggies - I am proof that there can be joy in it, as are you. :) I love seeing all your creativity on this blog! Love, Karen in Santa Barbara (your old Portland Pal)