60 seconds in the life of Finn

Click on the image for the full effect.

Wow! Newborns don't do much but sheesh, four weeks out and they really start going for it. These shots are around 6 or so and he keeps getting more and more expressive. Really, he's so advanced. I think he must be a drama genius. Check out the one that is third down on the left. The caption: "Do it again and I slap you!" Where does he learn this stuff? I tell ya. And then, third down on the right: "You've got something with that flying solar car idea...I'll talk to my people." And to think, it all started in the far left corner with an almost-gonna-cry grimace and yawn and it ends in an almost asleep state. The range is amazing. I already know this guy is really going somewhere with his acting.

And yes, the blog has turned into a baby blog. I swear I will post something about the amazing onions and beets I pickled today(at least they look amazing), or the fresh pesto I made, or how my P-patch is a complete weed-lot but is still producing tons of good stuff, or Annie and Kevin's wedding invitation and how cute the bachelorette party was mostly because all of Annie's friends (and Annie) made it so fun and sweet. Or I will just default back to the person that consumes 21 out of 24 of my hours a day and post some pictures of all the darling things that people gave us for Finn or more pictures of him or I could talk about the sun hat I want to make him and on and on. More on that sun hat later!
Okay, so I am really burning the midnight oil now, so why quit. Here are a few more.

We have started cutting off some of Finn's onesies because he is so darn long! And we are packing in those cloth diapers which take up more room than the disposables so everything got a little smaller a few weeks ago.

Cute hat T's buddy, JJ gave to Finn. Can't wait till fall when he can start wearing it around.

And, Walla Walla Sweets that I grew in my P-Patch at Oxbow Park. I am brimming with pride. I can't believe I suffered through being so pregnant and crouching in that silly patch, but it is paying off and it is so rewarding to eat what I have grown there. It makes me think that maybe I am more gardener than landscape architect. Unfortunately my tomatoes are flagging because of neglect. I was fantasizing that I would have SO many I wouldn't be able to eat them but the way things are looking, I will be lucky if I get 20 tomatoes out of my 6 plants! Oh, and one volunteer tomato makes 7!


finally an update on Finn!

Aaron, our neighbor giving Finn a snuggle.

Tyler testing out having Finn sleep on his tummy while watching a movie.

Post-milk curl-up. A Finn standard.
These are all a bit old, but there is more to come. They guy is smiling and maybe sort of giggling and that is way too entertaining to allow for time to blog! eeesh.