high waist is the new low rise

I finally got a pair of jeans that accomodates my summer eating and two years of graduate school. They are comfortable, sassy and didn't come already worn out (I hate that!).

The designer's name is Karen Walker, here is a link:

But note, I only paid $42 dollars consignment at Le Frock for my pair.
Thanks to Tyler for the photographing and doctoring the photography!


these old lamps are new lamps with big eyes

I found this postcard at the MoMA in NYC but unfortunately didn't get to see this piece. If I owned this piece, I would want in my house too, so I totally understand. But the point is, I have always really liked these old lamps but they have been in need of a facelift. And poof, a round, oversized bulb has turned this thrift store cast-off into a curious little puppet creature to hang over your desk. I am going to do this.



i/we finally finished the chair. i can't believe i did this big project, i am really excited and happy about the way it turned out. i wish i had a before and after but this will have to do.

here are the underpants, so to speak. i thought the underside could use a little pazazz.

and then here are the worker bees.


a lovely sunday, simply lovely.

sometimes you get to have that day when everything seems sparkly, fresh, and oh so right. for me, yesterday was that day (thank goodness because i have been really really longing for one). it started off with an almond pastry from extracto . . .

then made its way to sauvie island's lighthouse . . .

and ended on our back porch roasting sausages over an open fire.

thank goodness for september in portland.
i hope you had a lovely day too. xo.


i have just hat it!

Hi ladies.
I couldn't think of a better set than you to share projects and ideas with.
I am so fed up with drooling over all those cute messenger hats and then seeing their price tags. pricey!

I made this hat out of a dress shirt I got at the Salvation Army on Grand. The collar is the part that makes the front stiff and i sewed really stiff fabric (2 layers) into the bill to make it sit out the way it does. I did make a pattern that needs a little modification which i should do, and would, if anyone wanted it...the sewing was a challenge, but i think if i didn't a second one i could really streamline it.


the first pep rally

welcome to drill team practice. ready-begin!