Scrap quilt!

More pics to come on this. Every time I feel Bummed about my job search, I just go work on this. Making a scrap quilt is really all about just making something work even if it's awkward or laborious. And it's anything goes. I like that.

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"This was right after he told me he was going to poop on my face and it would be yucky in my mouth and nose. Oh, and also, he has all the guns."

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Auction quilt nears completion

The binding is almost on! Pics tomorrow!


Silent auction item!

Our parent/teacher co-op preschool is doing a children's movie fest with a silent auction this spring. This quilt will be there! I'll keep you posted on the date if you want to come out and snatch this one up! I just finished the face tonight. Still have to do the backing(faux bois orange!) and quilting(diagonal yellow!).



Introducing the visibility bag

Super lightweight. Good reflectors. Packs into a little pouch. This was a gift for a friend, but I think I'll make a few to sell. Stay tuned for a little shop starting up. Ayleen dresses and bags to start.


Get 'Em while they're hot.

I've got one. Tyler's got one. They're in a cozy gray cotton with an appropriately faded charcoal ink. Cozy foh rill! Finn's pretty jealous, as the video shows. Git on down to Bluebeard Coffee in Tacoma (great day trip) and escape your dull everyday surroundings. Stock up on the best coffee. Buy a shirt. Recognize how cool Tacoma is (and is becoming more so everyday). Put Tacoma in your iPhone weather list and notice that it is sunny more often there. Okay, WTF on that, but really. T-town is prett cool. Oh, and get the bartenders choice at 1022. You'll need to mapquest that. Tacoma is no easier to navigate than Seattle.