then and now

for my 4x5 photography class i chose to match a landscape shot from 1909's Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition (we are doing a bunch in honor of the anniversary) that looks west from campus over to the Laurelhurst neighborhood. As a relatively poor student in the class, I don't expect much positive feedback because my work is generally mediocre, though I enjoy it. But the shot below is the exception to the rule. Here is the story of how I redeemed myself this quarter. I scouted out the right location, set it all up, had my trusty assistant, Tyler with me. Somehow I got a masterful shot that matches the 1909 shot so well, even my teacher was impressed. And, as a person who enjoys a little praise, I printed a comparison of the shots and hung them on my teacher's door with a presumptuous note about the quality of the match in hopes that he would see things as I did. The response email contained one qualifier which far exceeded my expectations--he wrote that the shot was so "INCREDIBLE," that he thought they were both historic photos!! yes!

and the headline reads: "Mediocre, lazy photo student makes good on landscape shot!"

I couldn't be happier.


sweedee dee

just feeling good about the world today. i am swamped with work, but it just seems like everything is in it's place.