safety is creepy

Tyler and I have been working a lot on his place (he works the MOST!) but have also been doing a little playing. Somehow the Shop Vac has turned into the most important tool and toy. Here are some pics of hairstyles and facial manipulation.

Also, covering up to keep the dust out.

And, one shot of last week's interior which I hope to update with this week's because we have made SOOO much progress. yea! It's on it's way.


summer canning

Jennifer, Ryan and I all went out to Bellevue, picked a bunch of blueberries, then canned bluesberry jam, relish and made fresh corn salsa. That was a week or two ago but it is all still very fresh in my mind and on my tongue.

And then Annie(my fabulous sister) sent me this post on inhabit about Theo Jansen, an artist/engineer who makes kinetic, wind-powered sculptures that walk along the beach like Star Wars concoctions crossed with a tinker toy kit, and packaged for Dwell magazine. They are somethin' else. Drool worthy.


with my people at last!

Friends Amy and Chris married in northern Wisconsin a few weeks ago and the trip, everything about the wedding and the company of Chris and Amy's friends and family were all so delightful, I don't know where to start. A few notes:
1. I felt really at home with the midwest set. I understand that is where some of my forefathers lived and I must have received genetic transmission because I felt like I was among my people out there.
2. Minneapolis is everything and more that people have said it is. The photos just show a few little nibbles of what we saw.
3. Jean Nouvel's design for the new Guthrie theater is a prime example of what is Right with innovative architecture. The theater serves as a delicious, mysterious public space with sweeping, nearly 360 views of the Mississippi River. The immense panorama is then refracted and reconfigured in the many mirrored window wells to create a whole new Minneapolis to be seen and experienced differently by every visitor. It's as if the building is a kaleidoscope constantly reinventing the ground, sky and everything in between. It is worth a visit, especially on a clear day.
3. Amy and Chris' wedding photographer basically turned them into rock stars (as if those two could be improved upon!) in there photos. Here is a taste of Matt Blum's talent and an incredibly beautiful weddding.


hat for sale + link light loop is up

Tyler and I completed Link Light Loop on Broadway and it looks great. We had an informal opening at Dick's Drive-In across the street on the unusually chilly Friday night. Justin was kind enough to take some great pictures of the project. I got a few people shots. Thanks to all who made it out.

photo: Justin Martin
And, Yuko modeled the hat I just made(which is now called the John Boat hat, thanks to Tyler) and it looks great on her. I have it up for sale on etsy now so it's up for grabs!

Oh, and I ran a half marathon yesterday and came in at 2 hours and 1 minute! I am so excited and very sore. No pictures. Tyler didn't shoot any which is probably for the better. I am not one of those runners who looks effortless and elegant. I think my brother and I are going to set our sights on a full length 26 miler.

Now that August is over, I officially have to start diligently looking for work. I am working on my portfolio today and if anyone knows of cool gigs that I might like, please pass them on.