hat for sale + link light loop is up

Tyler and I completed Link Light Loop on Broadway and it looks great. We had an informal opening at Dick's Drive-In across the street on the unusually chilly Friday night. Justin was kind enough to take some great pictures of the project. I got a few people shots. Thanks to all who made it out.

photo: Justin Martin
And, Yuko modeled the hat I just made(which is now called the John Boat hat, thanks to Tyler) and it looks great on her. I have it up for sale on etsy now so it's up for grabs!

Oh, and I ran a half marathon yesterday and came in at 2 hours and 1 minute! I am so excited and very sore. No pictures. Tyler didn't shoot any which is probably for the better. I am not one of those runners who looks effortless and elegant. I think my brother and I are going to set our sights on a full length 26 miler.

Now that August is over, I officially have to start diligently looking for work. I am working on my portfolio today and if anyone knows of cool gigs that I might like, please pass them on.

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