with my people at last!

Friends Amy and Chris married in northern Wisconsin a few weeks ago and the trip, everything about the wedding and the company of Chris and Amy's friends and family were all so delightful, I don't know where to start. A few notes:
1. I felt really at home with the midwest set. I understand that is where some of my forefathers lived and I must have received genetic transmission because I felt like I was among my people out there.
2. Minneapolis is everything and more that people have said it is. The photos just show a few little nibbles of what we saw.
3. Jean Nouvel's design for the new Guthrie theater is a prime example of what is Right with innovative architecture. The theater serves as a delicious, mysterious public space with sweeping, nearly 360 views of the Mississippi River. The immense panorama is then refracted and reconfigured in the many mirrored window wells to create a whole new Minneapolis to be seen and experienced differently by every visitor. It's as if the building is a kaleidoscope constantly reinventing the ground, sky and everything in between. It is worth a visit, especially on a clear day.
3. Amy and Chris' wedding photographer basically turned them into rock stars (as if those two could be improved upon!) in there photos. Here is a taste of Matt Blum's talent and an incredibly beautiful weddding.

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