One lane of I-90 is ped and bike only, all the time! This is a shot of the Rock n Roll marathon that my brother, Mat, ran this weekend. Go Mat! He finished smiling at 4:15. The views of the freeway with all that non-motorized traffic got me imagining.

More canning shots

I didn't get a photo of the first batch before the three canners divvied it up. Looks amazing! Thanks Annie

1st dinner party of the summer!


Before and After

This to that. Filled with pickled asparagus, vidalia onion jam and pickled purple onions! With the help of Annie and Wolfie and Sarah and Loic-- and Finn of course, my main partner in crime!


It may be limping, but summer is here.

Miners lettuce and pea vines! Steelhead, German butterballs, blueberries, fresh pickles and local strawberries. The farmers market is finally feeling like it's usual bounty. And our backyard stays warm into the evening. Can't wait for summer bbqs and more time spent out there.



Tyler's mom and dad have been getting their new place settled and I made this fragrant rodent to ward off any pests that might enter the closet when they are not home. Check out those gnarly whiskers and his wart!


Last night in Edmonds.

We've had a really good time here. Finn and I spent our last afternoon playing in the sand and watching the boats and cars trade places at the Kingston ferry landing. Though you can't see it, Finn has a look of longing.

The response

In response to the preserved bumble bee, Helen left this note and flowers. My heart melted. What a sweet, darling and heartfelt message.



Our neighbor, Helen, found this perfect rusty-patched bumble bee so I set it up in this thrift store frame so Helen could study it more closely.


Goodbye Edmonds

We move on tuesday of next week into our own ace. Edmonds, being in my childhood home, having access to he sewing palace, cooking in a deliciously open and spacious kitchen and living rent free have been so lovely. Thanks mom and dad. And we're looking forward to many happy hours in our new place. More on that to come.

Sail fabric is dreamy

A friend recently came over with a cool bag, pattern(that she created herself) and more fabric to make another. She got going sewing and then let me finish the job and keep the bag!! Thanks mirona. Her bag was a rectangle but I lobbed off the corners and made them into an inside Cel phone pouch/carrying case. And the circles cut from the center are cut into strips and repurposed as binding for the insides of the straps. I love a waste free project like that. Also took the last shreds and used them in a little zipper pouch. Matchy poo. And mom, I'll have your sewing room back to it's original state--promise!