Melanie's Etsy Shop

Wow. Melanie started a business call Plum Cushion. She makes cushions and pillows herself out of really beautiful fabrics. She made a shop on Etsy and if you are in the market for some pillows, she has a bunch up now and does custom orders, too. They're very well made and the fabrics she chooses are very beautiful and high quality. And oh, I love this pillow. Nice work, Mel


Two ideas

picture from oh joy!.

First, I really want to fix up the bentwood rocker that Melanie passed on to us. She was in search of one, found one really cheap but it has a busted seat so I am deciding whether I want to replace the cane seat or put in an upholstered (which I already know how to do). You can still sit in it and rock, but any day now I might drop through the seat and land on the floor! Then, I just across this picture and I think I want to paint it black, too. Actually, I know I do. If I paint it black, I can fill the all the little attempts to fix it with wood putty and paint right over them!

Second, my neighbor is organizing an art show for October involving fiber arts and I have an idea! See those paper cut-outs on the bottom right? I am going to try and make similar things out of fabric for making little bugs, houses and so on...interlocking pieces that are a little bit stiff/structural. I'll keep you posted.


i just couldn't resist

I was combing through some photos and came across this funny one of me in the final weeks of pregnancy. Tyler took this one of me shocked at my own belly. When I saw it the other day it reminded me of the little guy of a friend whose name is also Finn (though everyone calls him Huck) and we seem to make a similar expression of surprise.
Here's huck and me compared. And boy, get aload of that belly! The time when I could barely see my own feet to tie my shoes seems very distant now.

beat the heat

New Yorkers are so cool. What's new?! Check out this article about the other coasters making pools in dumpsters.


Stantients, sliding door, bathroom organized!

This weekend I made a little shade to hang in front of the boxes that hold all our stuff in the bathroom--and then we went to storables and got cool stackable crates to replace the boxes AND this really nice laundry hamper. I just like to stand and look at the under-sink area now. And before I wanted to shut the door to not see it. Ahhh. Sweet progress

These pics are kind of old now, but Tyler has been doing some more construction magic. These are the stantients (custom made by Grant!) and panels for between them. Eventually there will be a railing on top. The plan is to make a three-ply glu-lam of one inch boards so it has a pretty cross section. That is about all I know about that, but it sounds really cool when Tyler talks about it. The green panels were found for free! yes, for free and I think they look really slick. Dwell, eat your heart out.

And, finally, we can send Finn to his room when he's been naughty and he can shut the door. It's a real beaut. Tyler put it all up the door is nice and heavy so it slides really smoothly. When it is open, the pantry is blocked (save that little sliver of shelves to the right). Yet another major stride in our quality of life.

am i back in the swing of blogging?

let's hope. here's more from the pounder.

finn got a new hat (thanks becca!) that sarah generously helped him model for you.

and, well, it's a touch big yet, but we're hoping either that his head gets big fast, or that we have sun ALL year so he can wear it everyday.

And it might not seem like much, but getting something into your hand and then close to your mouth to slobber on it is actually a skill you have to learn and practice. way to go finnjamin!

and, sheesh, if this one doesn't get you, i don't know what will.


Tyler is really getting it down! He has invented/adapted a really cool way to build shelves. Here are the ingredients:
1. Long pieces of all-thread
2. 1" washers and nuts to fit whatever size all-thread is appropriate
3. Brackets for the wall and appropriate screws (dry-wall, wood, etc... depending on your wall.)
4. Material for the shelf--we used Birch plywood in the closet and walnut veneer in the kitchen. I think he finished the kitchen with Osmo and the closet with polyeurethane.
5. Electric drill
6. Clamps to attach to something above, or screws to attach to the wall above.
He drills holes for the all-thread a couple inches from the face of the shelf, threads the all-thread through, then secures the wood on the top side with a nut and the bottom side with a washer and nut. They are super sleek and simple.
Here is our new closet. Nice work, T! We are going to get some boxes for sweaters and so forth, improve our shoe situation down below, get some kind of screen to slide in front and eventually build out something to replace our dressers, too. All for future posts in future times.

how many posts can be called "more pictures of finn"?

The mug. Finn and his faces is becoming a theme. Let the drama continue!


Finn's new hat

I had some car time on the way to and from Annie and Kevin's wedding so I spent it working on reproducing this really cute hat Tyler and I saw at a street fair. Mostly hand sewn, it's made from a t-shirt that was much better on me when my tummy was huge. There was a cool orange square screened on the center that i cut around for accents. These were taken on a day spent at J and Ryan's house beating the heat on the front porch.

And one to show you how the guy is growing! He is a major chatterbox, has started to copy us a little -- sticks his tongue and tries to make roaring noises. He was sleeping 8-10 hour nights but has started waking up again after 5 or 6. Let's hope it's a phase! I was having some REALLY productive days there for a while. He can grab things and get them into his mouth, though his aim is not stellar yet and he is spending more and more time on his tummy doing frog legs and squealing.