Stantients, sliding door, bathroom organized!

This weekend I made a little shade to hang in front of the boxes that hold all our stuff in the bathroom--and then we went to storables and got cool stackable crates to replace the boxes AND this really nice laundry hamper. I just like to stand and look at the under-sink area now. And before I wanted to shut the door to not see it. Ahhh. Sweet progress

These pics are kind of old now, but Tyler has been doing some more construction magic. These are the stantients (custom made by Grant!) and panels for between them. Eventually there will be a railing on top. The plan is to make a three-ply glu-lam of one inch boards so it has a pretty cross section. That is about all I know about that, but it sounds really cool when Tyler talks about it. The green panels were found for free! yes, for free and I think they look really slick. Dwell, eat your heart out.

And, finally, we can send Finn to his room when he's been naughty and he can shut the door. It's a real beaut. Tyler put it all up the door is nice and heavy so it slides really smoothly. When it is open, the pantry is blocked (save that little sliver of shelves to the right). Yet another major stride in our quality of life.

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Tim said...

Your place is really coming along! Your baby is beautiful. Congrats to you and Tyler--facebook says you're married!