Tyler is really getting it down! He has invented/adapted a really cool way to build shelves. Here are the ingredients:
1. Long pieces of all-thread
2. 1" washers and nuts to fit whatever size all-thread is appropriate
3. Brackets for the wall and appropriate screws (dry-wall, wood, etc... depending on your wall.)
4. Material for the shelf--we used Birch plywood in the closet and walnut veneer in the kitchen. I think he finished the kitchen with Osmo and the closet with polyeurethane.
5. Electric drill
6. Clamps to attach to something above, or screws to attach to the wall above.
He drills holes for the all-thread a couple inches from the face of the shelf, threads the all-thread through, then secures the wood on the top side with a nut and the bottom side with a washer and nut. They are super sleek and simple.
Here is our new closet. Nice work, T! We are going to get some boxes for sweaters and so forth, improve our shoe situation down below, get some kind of screen to slide in front and eventually build out something to replace our dressers, too. All for future posts in future times.

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Emma Nowinski said...

hot stuff, you guys! can you come give my closet a make-over? pretty please??