Two ideas

picture from oh joy!.

First, I really want to fix up the bentwood rocker that Melanie passed on to us. She was in search of one, found one really cheap but it has a busted seat so I am deciding whether I want to replace the cane seat or put in an upholstered (which I already know how to do). You can still sit in it and rock, but any day now I might drop through the seat and land on the floor! Then, I just across this picture and I think I want to paint it black, too. Actually, I know I do. If I paint it black, I can fill the all the little attempts to fix it with wood putty and paint right over them!

Second, my neighbor is organizing an art show for October involving fiber arts and I have an idea! See those paper cut-outs on the bottom right? I am going to try and make similar things out of fabric for making little bugs, houses and so on...interlocking pieces that are a little bit stiff/structural. I'll keep you posted.

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huck said...

that is so funny, i saw this same post here and loved it: http://seesawdesigns.blogspot.com/2009/06/sasa-antic.html

also, based on your idea for fabric, i thought you might like this: http://stephaniecongdonbarnes.blogspot.com/2009/07/red-canoe-collection.html

the pine cones (especially the plaid one) and the canoe are the best! xo.