Finn's new hat

I had some car time on the way to and from Annie and Kevin's wedding so I spent it working on reproducing this really cute hat Tyler and I saw at a street fair. Mostly hand sewn, it's made from a t-shirt that was much better on me when my tummy was huge. There was a cool orange square screened on the center that i cut around for accents. These were taken on a day spent at J and Ryan's house beating the heat on the front porch.

And one to show you how the guy is growing! He is a major chatterbox, has started to copy us a little -- sticks his tongue and tries to make roaring noises. He was sleeping 8-10 hour nights but has started waking up again after 5 or 6. Let's hope it's a phase! I was having some REALLY productive days there for a while. He can grab things and get them into his mouth, though his aim is not stellar yet and he is spending more and more time on his tummy doing frog legs and squealing.

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