new hat in need of clever name

So, I may be unemployed, but I am not sleeping all day. Although sleeping 8 hours a night still seems really indulgent, I guess I could call this phase of my life grad school rehab. One of my goals while I look for work was to get a bit more sewing going, especially some hat. During the movie "An Incovenient Truth" darling Al Gore is carried by his darling father who is wearing an equally darling hat. I made a little sketch of the hat to remember it as best I could and here is what I came up with yesterday.
First, the sketch.

Then the hat.

Then some drawings for improvements.

And I actually made an honest-to-goodness pattern for this bad boy so I am ready to make more. Well, I can make more of the same hat for someone with a tiny weeny head like mine! I will have to do some sizing. I am sure I can learn how to do that on the internet.


violaine said...

comment fais-tu pour etre aussi douee???

Mikey said...

Sweet hat! No need for little blue lines. I dig.