i have just hat it!

Hi ladies.
I couldn't think of a better set than you to share projects and ideas with.
I am so fed up with drooling over all those cute messenger hats and then seeing their price tags. pricey!

I made this hat out of a dress shirt I got at the Salvation Army on Grand. The collar is the part that makes the front stiff and i sewed really stiff fabric (2 layers) into the bill to make it sit out the way it does. I did make a pattern that needs a little modification which i should do, and would, if anyone wanted it...the sewing was a challenge, but i think if i didn't a second one i could really streamline it.


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chris said...

i DEFINITELY want the pattern. maybe i'll make it for todd for our anniversary in november. that's how long it will probably take me to get to the project, actually. stupid house.