No match for stains

My Mom is a master sewer. I have mentioned it before and not only that she has an incredibly quick turn around. She asked Tyler and me what we needed for our place and since we got that beautiful table, Tyler suggested place mats. We all picked out fabric together and chose two different colors of an outdoor/awning/furnituer fabric called Sunbrella because it was so cute. Mom turned those place mats out in 24-48 hours and what you see here is one of the unexpected results. They are totally water resistant. Spills are no match for these. We are both so pleased because they are going to stay crisp and clean forever! Awesome. And, they are so simple, double-sided for a change of style and there are 8 of them. A whole set. Thanks Mom!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cutie, I miss you!!
Let's hang out soon,
xo. SRB