Matching baby-daddy ties

You've gotta click on this one to get the full effect.
Boy, I never thought I would get into matching stuff. I think wearing matching stuff as a kid and then rebelling against it as a teenager, just wanting to be different, made me not want to match anymore. But I done made matching ties for Tyler and the busy belly bun. What I didn't show you on that Chicago fabric post was the little fragment of tie silk I bought for the bargain price of, cough, cough (it's unbelievable), one stinky, recession-proof dollar! It turns out ties are super easy to make and Tyler loved it. He is such a good sport, always wearing and loving the things I make him. It really makes me feel good. I thought, if we can manage to straight-jacket that baby into a dress-shirt for Annie and Kevin's wedding, we can get him into a tie, too. And then, he can look just like his Daddy! Precious.


riisa said...

incredibly adorable. may your baby be as fizzy and sparkly as talking rain...

boobieprize said...

tyler you are comforting him so well, you will do real good in real life.
i love this picture, especially tylers mouth where he is saying, Shh, hush little one.