A new dress is underway

I don't remember if I posted a pic of the pink, orange, yellow floral dress I made last spring from a self made pattern, but this here, is round 2 on that pattern. I traced it from a thrift store dress that my buddy Ayleen sent me. I love this dress more than any other, so I thought I better immortalize it and make a few more. This one is far classier than the original and v.1 because it is made of deliciously peacock green wool jersey, courtesy of my auntie Martha! I narrowed the skirt because I was short just a bit of fabric, but I think that will mature the dress a bit and make it more evening/work wear. I'll keep posting--or probably just with the final look! Hot diggity. Oh, and I finally have a working serger so it is going to be mad-knits from here on out! No more zig-zag stitch for me!

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