Hot booties

I've spent a good chunk of time trying to design and make my own version of booties for Finn. It seems like there are tons of cute ones and they all look really easy so I figured I was up for the task. It proved a little more challenging than expected.

This is number one. Old ski sweater, ultra suede bottom. After they kept sliding off I took a little seam in the ankle which helped. But, when we lost one it was sort of a blessing.

Number two. Fleece from an old fuzzy bear Patagonia coat. I honestly thought these would do it. They are a lot like haflinger slippers but they would not stay on either.

Number three. I finally caved and used a pattern I found online for free. They're basically robeez with a rubbery bottom. Finn likes thesebest, too.

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boobieprize said...

this is the cutest post. i love those booties. :)