Back to things made

All I blog about these days is Finn, but I have a backlog of photos of stuff I have made in the last three months that I am going to start to post. I got an iPhone and I just love it b/c it is so Michael easier to do posts and I can do them from the bus or while I am sleepily playing with Finn at 5am!
So, here is a snapshot of some cards I made as gifts with stamps at my moms house.

And here is a recent cullinary highlight. French lentils cooked in this summers tomato and pesto sauce; farmer's market greens; sauteed asparagus with lemon and butter; and black rice risotto cooked in homemade chicken stock with chantrelle mushrooms gathered by Annie and Kevin! Yum! It was a little on the crunchy health nut side, but I guess that is what I am going for considering the fact that a lot of our other meals consist o tater tots and and frozen fish filets (that's a pretty tasty meal!). Oh and Fat Tire to wash it down.

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