Finn's eating a bug!

Finn's grandma Hattit got him this cool toy bug--she drives a real one. And after a month in parking garage, Tyler got it out today to see if Finn might take like to have a ride in his grandma's car! It's the type that when you roll it back, it's wheels wind up and take it away.

First, he reached out to grab it.

So i pushed it a little closer for him.

Then he got his gums around it.

But oh no, it's starting to slip away

And bump, the bug escapes the jaws of death. I think it was a hit! Or was it a hit and run?!
AND, what's a blog post without a few more highlights of the last month? So, here goes:

That little ghost glows so bright, you can see it through his swaddle at night!

That is a laugh, not a shout of terror coming out of Finn's mouth.

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