Finn's first vacation(s)

We just got back from two weeks out of town which included many car rides, a canoe ride, a ride in a motor boat, 6 flights, a great grandma, a great grandpa, both sets of grandparents, several aunts and uncles and Finn's first swim! We started in Squam Lake, NH at Tyler's grandpa's place with a bunch of family and lots of swimming and boating. Then we headed south to Hilton Head to visit T's grandmom and we ended the trip in Pacific Washington with my family. Here are just a few shots from the trip.

New pajamas from Grandmom covered with undersea creatures. We took him out on the town in those that night and he was a huge hit!

The four of us on our last day with Grandmom (T's mom's mom, Mary Jane)

Finn meeting Effie, Grandmom's dog

Finn in the sink at Great Grandmom's after we feasted on Beef Bourgignon a la Julia Child

The girls and Finn

Back to no coffee so this is what the mornings are looking like these days.

The woods on the way to the beach

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